About us

We're London's Prime Residential Partner

Based in London, UK, International Student Services is a reliable privately owned company holder of residential buildings in and around London. Exclusively, the company own and manage a wide range of properties that cater to the needs of Students, Young Professionals as well as Families. Established for over 20 years now, the company was founded at the end of the 90’s. International Student Services has been successfully partnering with leading Universities and well-known UK letting agencies constantly operating across London. In the last decade our team has been working very hard to maintain the highest accommodation standards in all our properties to ensure a satisfactory service for all our clients.

We're Exceptional

International Student Services (ISS) is a Privately owned Company that operates in and around Central London. Our main office is based in South Kensington where the management team reside 6 days a week.

All our properties are residential, the majority of our properties are based in and around Kensington, as well as Fulham, Earls Court, Queensway, Notting Hill and Richmond to name a few. With our largest concentration of properties situated in the central area of Kensington. We offer great places to live close to some of the most prestigious academic institutions in London, such as Imperial College and popular tourist spots such as Hyde Park, The Royal Albert Hall, The Natural History Museum and Harrods.

We Look After Our Properties

We always seek to keep a high standard of accommodation undertaking regular refurbishiment and renovation in all our properties. Our objective is to increase the quality of services offered to each of our residents by creating a family like environment.

We're Hands-On-Business

Our team is energetic, organised and professional, everyone has been trained by experienced property managers who have been in the business for years and have proven enthusiasm in handling property management related issues. We nurture a strong professional spirit in dealing with any situations we encounter as we are personally involved, so we work methodically, and we ensure the best performance by assuming our full responsibility for every outcome delivered.